Healthy "Funercise" Equipment


What Is It?

Exercise - the act of putting body in motion - physical exertion, especially for development, training, or keeping fit.

The Problem

Did you know that 6 out of every 10 Americans don't exercise - even though they are well aware of the many benefits of exercising? 

Why? It's not simply that you can't go out and exercise for 20 minutes three times a week - this is easy - it's only one hour out of the 168 hours or less than 1% of your daily time allotment every week. Then why are so many choosing not to exercise? The simple answer is  that you can easily find a reason not to.

The three biggest reasons or excuses for not exercising are:

  • Not enough time
  • Not enough motivation
  • Not enough fun

Also, the word "exercise" for many has become synonymous with being about as much fun as cleaning the toilet. It's not a fun word and neither is the word "workout". You come home from a long day at work and the last thing you need to tell yourself is that you now need to "work" out.

We can easily fix that little negative mind glitch by giving it a fun name. From now on when it's time for you to use that "e" word, or that "w" word, use the word "funercise", instead. It's amazing what three little letters can do for your motivation. Doesn't that sound like much more fun? It works for me!

The Truth

When you don't exercise because you feel you don't have extra time or energy, you have it exactly backward! 

The truth is that you don't have the extra time or energy because you don't exercise! The more you exercise, the more energy you have to exercise and the more you'll feel like exercising.

Not exercising can lead to all sorts of debilitating problems. The more obvious ones being the ones you can actually see (the excess pounds). Being overweight leads to many, many health-related and often life-threatening outcomes. 

The human body is designed for movement. Without it we start to atrophy and all our joints, muscles and organs begin to malfunction. You know you need to move - now all you need is to make it FUN.

The Answer

It doesn't really matter what you choose to do when you're funercising... just that you do. Find something that gives you pleasure, that isn't drudgery, that you look forward to, because why would you do it if it wasn't fun?

Here's some "funercise" suggestions you might like to try:

Elliptical Glider

iconicon For a serious, but fun workout that's easy on the joints, our exclusive new glider simulates walking or running with less impact than when using a treadmill. Your feet can glide backward or forward to work more muscle groups than a stair climber. You'll get a stable and effective workout for hips, legs and buttocks. Work the movable arm bars while pedaling to tone and strengthen arm and shoulder muscles, too. Put your glider in front of the TV and have a fun workout while you enjoy your favorite shows.

Get your Elliptical Glider

Inversion Table:

Inversion table to help strengthen your back and stomach. This is a fun and relaxing way to unwind your day and reverse some of the effects of gravity.

Get your Inversion Table

Exercise Ball:

iconicon Exercise Balls are really fun ways to get limbered up and it doubles as a chair, too.

Get your Exercise Ball icon

TSC Fitness Products (only in Canada):

Fitness and Exercise Type in "gazelle" in the search box for the best "funercise" equipment around! It's really fun and easy for all fitness levels, plus you can multi-task when you put this in your TV room and gazelle away to your favorite TV shows or movies.

Get your Gazelle 

Zumba Dance Workout Program

Zumba is the South American fitness phenomenon that's sizzling its way across the nation! It's a workout that's calorie burning and fun -- a workout unlike anything else in the fitness world. This is a really fun way to get yourself moving and learn new dance steps at the same time!

Get your VHS Tapes  or  DVD Disc

Richard Simmons - Blast Off The Pounds 

A fun way to blast off those pounds with this amazing set of videos. Dancing around the house with Richard Simmons is always fun and easy for any age range.

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