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"Optimal health requires a healthy heart"

Discover four exceptional products that offer a powerful, new approach to complete health with the
GHS "Total Health Pack".

This combination of products is my number one recommendation for anyone truly seeking to prevent heart disease and seeking a long and healthy life, naturally.

Here's what the Total Health Pack contains, plus you'll receive two of the products and the shipping FREE with your order!

GHS Total Health Pack(tm)

Only $3.78 per day...because you're worth it!

#1: GHS Plus™ Plaque Attack

  • Daily Plaque Attack formula, plus vitamin/mineral nutritional supplementation in the amounts you really need to prevent heart disease, detoxify and rebuild your body.
  • This amazing plaque attack formula will help to naturally cleanse arteries of harmful plaque build-up and prevent the potentially dangerous side effects, such as diabetes, angina, stroke, heart attack, etc.

    This incredible plaque attack formula is an invaluable preventative measure and an absolute must for everyone, especially those with known heart disease or those worried about becoming another statistic to  heart disease.
  • Antioxidant support to help destroy free radical damage to your body.
  • Will not interfere with prescription medications as this is a food supplement.

How does it work?

The GHS Plus™ "plaque attack" arterial cleansing formula gives your body the special nutritional formula it needs to make LPL in your arterial walls. LPL is short for Lipoprotien Lipase - an enzyme capable of breaking down fat molecules.

LPL slowly, naturally and painlessly dissolves your arterial plaque like a bar of soap dissolves little by little with your daily shower and washes painlessly away in your bloodstream, like the soapy water that disappears down your bathtub drain.

GHS Plus(tm)

Only $1.30 per day...
because you're worth it!

Anyone who eats food has plaque in their arteries. 

Heart disease is preventable with the GHS Plus™ Plaque Attack Formula.

Learn what's in it, 
how it works and 
other benefits!


Order toll free by phone at
And ask for extension #1685

"GHS Plus™ Plaque Attack Formula Helped To Speed My (Broken Hip) Recovery"

"My name is Connie Kelly and I live on the west coast of BC. I’m 85-years-old and my friends are always asking me how I manage to look so good. I’ve tried other multivitamins but they just didn’t give me the energy and feelings of well being I get from GHS Plus™. Without GHS Plus™ Plaque Attack I’d still be relying on wearing a nitro patch because of shortness of breath. 

I recently fell and broke my hip very badly. My doctor thought I’d never make it out of hospital. I’m convinced that GHS Plus™ helped to speed my recovery because I’m now back home and walking my little dog. GHS Plus™ Plaque Attack Formula is an invaluable product that is so great that I can’t imagine where I might be without it.

I’d say to anyone thinking about ordering it, that you’ll only wish you knew about it sooner."

- Connie Kelly
West Coast BC, Canada

#2: Have Your Own Fountain of Youth with GHS a.m.Plus™ and
       GHS p.m.Plus™

  • Daily morning and evening anti-aging dietary formula helping you look and feel 10-20 years younger.
  • Combining 5,000 years of Chinese herbal longevity science with modern Western nutritional health and anti-aging science.
  • Stimulates release of your natural growth hormone so you can benefit from looking and feeling forever young at any age.
  • Rebuild and rejuvenate your body from the inside out.
  • Look and feel 10-20 years younger naturally.
GHS a.m.Plus(tm) & GHS p.m.Plus(tm)

Only $2.15 per day...
because you're worth it!

Read about the ingredients and other benefits about
GHS a.m.Plus™
and GHS p.m.Plus™.

#3: No More Heartburn, etc. with GHS Health-Zymes™

  • Daily dietary supplement to help increase the absorption of the vitamins and minerals you are eating every day.
  • Helps to produce the right amount of stomach acid to aid in digestion.
  • Helps to prevent heartburn, acid indigestion, constipation.
  • Helps to regulate and return your digestive tract to optimal function.
  • Taking antacids is not the solution for digestion problems...GHS Health-Zymes™ is.
  • As a bonus, you'll receive 2 free bottles of GHS Health-Zymes with your GHS Total Health Pack order.
GHS Health-Zymes(tm)

Only 32 cents per day...
because you're worth it!

Read about the ingredients and other benefits about
GHS Health-Zymes™.

"GHS Health-Zymes™ ... I love them!"

"I love them! I've always been tired after eating, now I've got lots of energy and my tummy feels great! I can't believe how good I feel!"

- Sandra Carveiro
Victoria, BC, Canada

#4: The Amazing GHS Rooibos Tea™

  • The "miracle" red bush tea from South Africa.
  • 100% organic - all natural - no caffeine - no acid.
  • 50% more antioxidants than green tea.
  • Helpful in  the treatment of diabetes, weight loss programs, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, constipation, cataracts, insomnia, heartburn, to name only a few.
  • As a bonus, you'll receive 40 free tea bags with your GHS Total Health Pack order.
GHS Rooibos Tea(tm)

Only a few cents per day...
because you're worth it!

Read about the ingredients and other benefits about
GHS Rooibos Tea™.

Take advantage of this great bonus offer
and get your FREE enzymes and tea when you
order your GHS Total Health Pack today!

"I used to take a lot of different vitamins but since I discovered GHS Plus™ , it replaced all the others and offered me a much broader benefit. I have more energy and excellent health reports for two years in spite of being very overweight."

"Also...I recently started a new eating plan which required me to eat yogurt. I remembered with agony that I was lactose intolerant after my first breakfast. The GHS Health-Zymes™ digestive enzyme has enabled me to eat yogurt every day for breakfast and helps me digest all the vegetables as well. I'm calling it a wonder cure!"

- E. Marlene Letendre
West Coast BC, Canada

If the Total Health Pack is not for you at this time, start your new healthy living program  with the #1 seller - GHS Plus™ Plaque Attack Formula or order the #2 dynamic duo of GHS Plus™ Plaque Attack Formula in combination with the GHS Health-Zymes™ and then add the others later. 

GHS Plus™ Plaque Attack formula is undoubtedly the number one preventative measure you can take because of its obvious daily artery cleansing and heart protection properties, plus its superior  supplemental value. This is a simple and highly positive preventative care first step that every adult needs to take, because if you eat food, you've got plaque in your arteries.

GHS Health-Zymes™ is an important addition to any diet because it will eliminate heartburn, help your body process the nutrients in your food and get your digestive tract back in balance. Eating a healthy diet is one thing, but if your system can't absorb all the healthy nutrients, you'll receive little benefit from them.

Add GHS Plus Plaque Attack Formula and GHS Health-Zymes to your daily diet today. 

GHS Plus(tm) & GHS Health-Zymes(tm)

Only $1.95 per day...
because you're worth it!

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Order the #2 Seller - The Dynamic Duo
of the GHS Plus Plaque Attack Formula
in combination with GHS Health-Zymes!

When you're ready for total health, you need the GHS Total Health Pack, which includes a 60-day supply of the GHS Plus Plaque Attack Formula, GHS Health Zymes, GHS a.m./p.m. Plus and GHS Rooibos Tea. The Enzymes and Tea are FREE with the Total Health Pack and you get free shipping as well.

Order the #3 Seller The GHS Total Health Pack

When you're ready for your own Fountain of Youth, add GHS a.m./p.m. Plus™, a proven anti-aging supplement and start looking and feeling 10-20 years younger.

Order your GHS a.m.Plus
and GHS p.m.Plus products!

Get your supply of Rooibos red bush "miracle" tea.

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